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Outside Rigged Board
The LED Boards can be used indoor/outdoor as well as raised in a rigging system or mounted on the ground.
Promotional Tools
Live Feeds of Events
Displays in Action
We take pride in our state-of-the-art technology and quality services. 

The pictures/videos to the side show different images of our boards and different ways that they can be used in order to take any event or advertising campaign to the next level.
AVL can stream and program any type of advertisement to be shown on the displays. Videos, Pictures, logos, and much more. 
Concert & Theater Productions 
The LED Displays make watching any live event more memorable because of the crisp visual picture, size, and sounds of the displays.
The LED Displays have been used at numerous events, the most unique event was a theatre production, where the display was used as a back drop. 
Music Promotions
Easy Setup & Storage
The boards come to life when syncing any advertisement, video, or design with music. Turn your event into a dance party no one will be able to forget. 
AVL does not only do local events. Because of the easy to move, store, and setup, your company can take the boards where ever your event is located. Ask for more details.